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February 16, 2014

Venezuela’s Lopez to march on Tuesday, says ready to face arrest

Reuters — A Venezuelan opposition leader wanted by police in connection with deadly street protests said on Sunday he will march with his supporters in the capital Caracas on Tuesday, and that he is ready to face arrest if necessary. Read more:,0,437076.story#axzz2tdZ06rPT

February 14, 2014

Cuba Condemns Coup Attempt vs. Venezuelan Gov’t

Prensa Latina — Cuba strongly condemned developing coup attempts against the constitutional government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the recent violent incidents that caused deaths and dozens of injures, it was reported in this capital today. Read more:

October 14, 2011

Descargue Proyecto de documento que discutará Conferencia National del Partido

Cubadebate les ofrece en versión para descargar el tabloide de ocho páginas distribuido a la población este viernes, que presenta 97 proyectos a tratar en la Primera Conferencia Nacional del Partido Comunista de Cuba, programada para enero de 2012. El Sexto Congreso del PCC, efectuado en abril último, aprobó una resolución con… read more »

July 12, 2011

Cuba: National Assembly Convened for August 1 in Havana

ACN, Havana – The president of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament), Ricardo Alarcon, has convened the members of this legislative body for the Seventh Period of Sessions of its Seventh Legislature. According to a note published on Tuesday by Granma newspaper, the Cuban lawmakers will meet on August 1 at… read more »

July 1, 2011

Cuba publishes details on sale of homes, cars; law to take effect by year’s end

Associated Press, Havana – Cuba has announced the first details of a highly anticipated new law meant to loosen rules on the buying and selling of homes and cars, which have been tightly controlled since soon after the 1959 revolution. The law is still being crafted and will take effect… read more »

May 10, 2011

Cuba’s government releases ratified Economic Guidelines

Cuba’s government has released the finalized Guidelines for the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution, ratified at the Sixth Communist Party Congress held from April 16-19, 2011. The document outlines the process of “modernizing” the Cuban economic system. The draft guidelines (original Spanish available here), released in November… read more »

May 9, 2011

Cuba publishes awaited details of economic changes

Associated Press, Havana – Cuba made official on Monday what had been rumored for weeks: It is legalizing the sale of real estate and cars and expanding the ranks of private cooperatives that could serve as engines for the sputtering economy, among other major changes. The Communist Party’s newly released… read more »

May 9, 2011

Cuba studying ways to allow residents to travel abroad

Shasta Darlington, CNN, Havana – The Cuban government said Monday that it plans to study ways to allow residents of the island nation to travel abroad as tourists, suggesting it will ease the bureaucratic hurdles and outright restrictions that prevent many residents from leaving. The plan was included in 313 guidelines… read more »

May 9, 2011

PHOTOS: Los cubanos adquieren los Lineamientos

Alejandro Ernesto, Cubadebate – Este lunes se publicaron toda Cuba los folletos de los Lineamientos de la Política Económica y Social aprobados por el VI Congreso del Partido Comunista de Cuba. Desde muy temprano los cubanos compraron en los estanquillos, al precio de 2.00 pesos y 1.00 peso (0.5 centavos… read more »

May 7, 2011

Cuba announces publication of economic guidelines on private enterprise, sale of property

Associated Press, Havana – Cubans will soon get their first look at the details of highly anticipated economic changes that were approved at last month’s Communist Party Congress, official news media said Saturday. An announcement in party newspaper Granma said copies of the document will be available for 1 peso ($0.04)… read more »