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December 14, 2014

ALBA Countries Gather in Cuba on 10th Anniversary

Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press — The left-leaning regional economic and diplomatic bloc known as ALBA marked its 10th anniversary Sunday amid pressures made by tumbling oil prices on petroleum-producing countries such as top ALBA member Venezuela. Presidents Nicolas Maduro, of Venezuela; Daniel Ortega, of Nicaragua; and Evo Morales, of Bolivia joined Raul… read more »

December 13, 2014

‘US embargo delayed’ Cuban Ebola team’s pay

Al Jazeera – Cuba had to cover food and lodging expenses for dozens of its doctors fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone after the US embargo delayed payments from the World Health Organisation, according to an official at the UN agency. Jose Luis Di Fabio, the health agency’s representative for Cuba, told the Associated Press… read more »

December 12, 2014

USAID’s Hip Hop Hiccup and the “Smart Power Prom”

A new USAID scandal was exposed yesterday by the exceptional investigative team at the Associated Press. USAID, acting through its notorious contracting partner, Creative Associates International, tried to infiltrate Cuba’s hip-hop community to intensify the political messaging of its artists and use their fans to foment a rapper’s revolution. The… read more »

December 11, 2014

USAID op undermines Cuba’s hip-hop protest scene

Desmond Butler, Michael Weissenstein, Laura Wides-Munoz, and Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press — In early 2009, a U.S. government contractor sent a Serbian music promoter to Cuba with these covert marching orders: Recruit one of Havana’s most notorious rappers to spark a youth movement against the government. In communist Cuba, it… read more »

December 10, 2014

El Salvador president to Cuba for checkup after falling ill in Mexico

EFE – Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren traveled to Cuba for “his periodic medical checkup” after suffering health problems on Monday in Mexico, the Salvadoran government said Wednesday. “Sanchez Ceren, after suffering a slight decompensation in his health, which we will report in good time, on the recommendation of his medical… read more »

December 10, 2014

Cuba to continue renewing passports in U.S. despite banking issue

EFE – The Cuban Interests Section in Washington announced Wednesday a three-month extension of passport-renewal services in the United States, which have been hampered by the mission’s lack of a local bank. Cuba’s diplomatic mission said that while it “continues searching for a solution” to the banking issue, through March 31,… read more »

December 9, 2014

EU-Cuba talks delayed by dispute over cultural event

Robin Emmott and Daniel Trotta, Reuters — Cuba has delayed negotiations towards an accord with the European Union aimed at opening up the Communist-ruled island, citing a dispute over an EU cultural event in Washington, people close to the matter said on Tuesday. The third round of talks, due to… read more »

December 8, 2014

Cuba urges slashing tariffs on intra-Caribbean trade

EFE — Cuban President Raul Castro on Monday called for revising and updating the trade and cooperation agreement between his country and the Caribbean Community to scrap tariffs on 300 products. “Small and vulnerable” countries need to receive “special treatment on trade access and investments,” he said in an address… read more »

December 5, 2014

Cuban doctor free of Ebola and to be released soon: media

Reuters — A Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola while treating patients in Sierra Leone will be released from a Geneva hospital soon and return to Cuba after doctors found he was free of the virus, official media reported on Friday. Felix Baez, 43, is one of 256 Cuban doctors and… read more »

December 4, 2014

Panamá invita formalmente a Castro a Cumbre de Las Américas

El Nuevo Herald — El gobierno panameño invitó oficialmente el jueves al gobernante, Raúl Castro, a la Cumbre de Las Américas que tendrá lugar en el país centroamericano el 10 y 11 de abril, informó la cancillería panameña. Cuba figura entre los países en recibir las primeras invitaciones cursadas por… read more »