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July 2, 2014

El Salvador Update: June 2014 / Informe mensual El Salvador, junio 2014

On June 1st, Salvador Sánchez Cerén was sworn in as President of El Salvador with all due pomp and ceremony. The former guerrilla commander’s acceptance speech was widely praised as conciliatory, and the exuberant President later told supporters, “I struggled for 50 years for my dreams, and now I am here, President of the Republic!”

July 2, 2014

El Salvador: Informe mensual, junio 2014

El 1° de junio, Salvador Sánchez Cerén se juramentó como Presidente de El Salvador con toda la fastuosidad y los actos ceremoniales del caso. En general, el discurso de investidura del ex comandante de la guerrilla recibió elogios por su tono conciliador. Posteriormente, el exuberante mandatario manifestó a sus partidarios lo siguiente: “Yo luché 50 años por mis sueños ¡y ahora estoy acá como Presidente de la República!”

June 13, 2014

CUBA CENTRAL Newsblast: Lots – we mean LOTS – of polling on Cuba!

This week, when the Miami Herald released its survey of 400 registered voters in Miami-Dade County, it contained startling results, including a finding that the Cuba issue is not having much effect on Florida’s race for governor.  (This is not something you would have guessed reading the Herald’s headline: Cuban voters weigh Crist down in… read more »

June 11, 2014

Longtime editors out at Cuban Catholic magazine

Andrea Rodriguez, Associated Press – The top two editors of the Cuban Roman Catholic Church’s influential magazine Espacio Laical are no longer working for what is one of the few independent media outlets on the island, the publication and one of the editors said Wednesday. Espacio Laical is a rare local… read more »

May 16, 2014

CUBA CENTRAL Newsblast: Tilting at Windmills

At a time when Russia is strengthening its security alliance with Cuba and the European Union is moving to replace its Common Position of isolation with intensified diplomatic engagement, why is the United States still tilting at the windmills of the Cold War? *** When our Cuba program began visiting… read more »

May 14, 2014

U.S. and Cuba Take Tentative Steps Toward Greater Marine Science Collaboration

Allie Wilkinson, American Association for the Advancment of Science – After more than a year of preparation—and some last-minute visa hiccups—scientists and policymakers from the United States and Cuba met yesterday to discuss ways the two estranged nations can better collaborate on marine science and conservation. “We are neighbors,” says marine… read more »

May 10, 2014

Cuba gave information to US about four held in Florida for planning attacks

The Associated Press – US diplomats confirmed on Saturday that Cuban officials have given them some information about four Florida residents who were arrested on suspicion of preparing attacks against military installations on the island. The US Interests Section in Havana issued a statement confirming the 8 May meeting with representatives… read more »

May 9, 2014

Charlie Crist on why he wants to visit Cuba: ‘This policy has not worked’

Adam C. Smith and Marc Caputo, Tampa Bay Times – Charlie Crist minces no words describing the government of Cuba: “It’s oppressive. It’s anti-free-press. It’s totalitarian. It’s wrong.” But the likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee wants to visit Florida’s communist neighbor this summer and says it’s past time to lift the United… read more »

May 9, 2014

Friendly U.S.-Cuba Baseball Game Confirmed

ACN – The Cuban Baseball Federation (CBF) confirmed on Thursday the traditional game of the island’s team against the U.S. national university team on July 23-27. In a press conference, Higinio Velez, president of the CBF said that there will be five games, scheduled for Havana’s Latin American Stadium. Read more: http://www.cubanews.ain.cu/sports/663-friendly-u-s-cuba-baseball-game-confirmed

May 8, 2014

Crist criticized for planning trip to Cuba

Brendan Farrington, The Associated Press – Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist criticized his opponent for traveling to Cuba on a fact-finding trip. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Crist now wants to visit the communist-run island to find facts of his own. Crist said during his 2006 campaign that Democratic opponent Jim Davis shouldn’t have visited Cuba on a… read more »