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November 4, 2014

Brazil prosecutor blasts ‘More Doctors’ program

The Associated Press — A federal prosecutors’ office has alleged irregularities in the way Brazil pays Cuban doctors participating in a program set up to provide health care in remote areas, and is urging the country to pay the physicians directly rather than through their government. In a statement issued… read more »

March 3, 2014

Pay raise for Cuban doctors recruited by Brazil

EFE- The Brazilian government announced Friday that it will raise the wages of close to 7,400 Cuban doctors it recruited for its healthcare program in poor areas following the defections that occurred at the beginning of the month. The wages Cuban doctors receive will be raised from the current $400… read more »

December 15, 2013

Brazil may raise number of Cuban doctors again

Cuba Standard — The Brazilian government will evaluate the number of doctors needed under the Mais Médicos program in March, President Dilma Rousseff announced during a visit of a Cuban-staffed hospital near São Paulo on Friday. Read more:

November 8, 2013

CUBA CENTRAL News Blast: Cuba’s Economic Reforms in the Human Dimension and 3-D

Five Cubans will visit Washington next week to talk about how their country’s economy is being transformed, and how their lives are being improved, disrupted or simply affected by the changes underway. Four run small businesses; a fifth is a state employee.  Only one has ever traveled to the U.S. … read more »

October 25, 2013

CUBA CENTRAL Newsblast: Adventures in Exceptionalism

We offer these thoughts a few days before the UN General Assembly votes on a resolution condemning the United States for the embargo against Cuba. “For decades,” journalist Marc Frank reminds us in Cuban Revelations, “Cubans who left the island – especially for the United States – were considered traitors… read more »

September 25, 2013

South America studies how to curb U.S. ‘spying’: Ecuador

Walker Simon, Reuters — South American nations are jointly exploring the creation of a communications system to curtail U.S. spying in the region, Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said on Wednesday. He said the idea was to set up a common platform to “minimize risks of being spied on” and… read more »

August 24, 2013

Cuban doctors arrive in Brazil

Associated Press – More than 200 Cuban doctors have arrived in Brazil to work in impoverished areas where physicians and medical services are scarce in Latin America’s biggest country, the Health Ministry said Saturday. Ministry press officer Ed Ruas said 206 Cuban doctors arrived Saturday in the city of Recife… read more »

July 24, 2013

Container cranes arriving at Mariel

Cuba Standard – A cargo ship carrying four container cranes arrived at the Port of Mariel from China, Cuban television reported. The Zhen Hua 10, according to the report, was the first ship to arrive at the container port of Mariel, which is still under construction. The four Chinese-made cranes… read more »

April 3, 2013

Cuba gears up for first free trade industry zone

AFP – Cuba on Tuesday unveiled rules for its first free trade manufacturing zone, a vast $900 million project being paid for mostly by Brazil in the port of Mariel near Havana. The Mariel Special Development Zone, a major trial balloon being floated by President Raul Castro’s communist government, is slated to… read more »

March 7, 2013

Latin America After Chávez: Lula da Silva, former president of Brazil

Lula da Silva, The New York Times – History will affirm, justifiably, the role Hugo Chávez played in the integration of Latin America, and the significance of his 14-year presidency to the poor people of Venezuela, where he died on Tuesday after a long struggle with cancer. However, before history… read more »