Trip Reports

We regularly visit Latin America, on fact-finding trips we call Listening Tours, often with delegations of U.S. policy makers.  Below you will find reports from those trips, classified by country.



Women Donors Network People-to-People Delegation
November 25 – December 2, 2012

The Center for Democracy in the Americas hosted a people-to-people trip to Cuba that took place November 25 through December 2 for a delegation of 22 women, including members and staff of the Women Donors Network.

November 23-27, 2012

The Center for Democracy in the Americas hosted a licensed trip to Cuba for a delegation consisting of Rep. Aaron Schock (IL-18) and seven constituents.  CDA Executive Director Sarah Stephens and Assistant Director Dawn Gable led the trip.


Oil, Energy, and Cooperation: A Trip Summary
July 8-12, 2010

The CDA hosted a trip to Cuba that took place July 8th through 12th 2010 for a delegation that consisted of our staff, 2 Congressional staff, and 3 energy experts. This trip had two dimensions: political and energy-related. CDA has been interested in Cuba’s off-shore oil resources for years.


U.S. Policy, Reforms in Cuba, and the Future of Bilateral Relations: Report on the Senate Chiefs of Staff Delegation to Cuba
July 17-20, 2009

From July 17-July 20, 2009, the CDA sponsored a trip to Cuba for a bi-partisan delegation of seven Senate Chiefs of Staff. The delegation had an active schedule that included meetings with Cuban government officials, leaders of Cuba’s civil society, Cuban academics, eleven ambassadors from the European Union, foreign journalists, and with ordinary Cubans.


Cuba’s Reforms
June-July 2008

The delegation included both our staff and five senior staff experts from the U.S. Congress. On this trip, the delegation was able to meet with and interview several senior members of Cuba’s National Assembly. The questions we asked on this trip were focused primarily on Cuba’s reform process and U.S. policy.

As Cubans Debate Reforms
April 2008

In this report, we summarize what we learned from our research and interviews on the following key topics relating to the process of reform: the government’s decision to decentralize control over agriculture; the impact of removing restrictions on cell phones, consumer items, and tourist hotels; whether the national debate in Cuba is really contributing to the reform process; the implication of these developments for U.S. policy toward Cuba.


U.S. Policy, Cuba’s Health Care System, and Cuba’s Future
November 2007

This delegation was organized for two purposes. The first was to learn more about political developments taking place in Cuba following speeches by acting Cuban president Raúl Castro and the U.S. president George Bush. The second was to focus on Cuba’s health care system, as a legacy of the Cuban revolution.



Venezuela Research Trip
February 17 – 20, 2010

This report provides an overview of the current political and economic situation in Venezuela, the state of U.S.-Venezuela relations, and related matters. It is primarily based on observations drawn from meetings and interviews in Venezuela from February 17 – 20, 2010.


Venezuela Research Trip
July 31, 2008 – August 5, 2008

CDA led a research delegation to Venezuela that focused on social developments in Lara State and the political climate in Caracas in the months leading up to the November 23rd 2008 elections.


Venezuela Research Trip
July 6, 2007 – July 10, 2007

The Center for Democracy in the Americas led a research delegation to Venezuela that included six legislative aides to Republican and Democratic Members of Congress. During our stay in Venezuela, we met with a crosssection of government supporters and critics, leaders of the business community and civil society, foreign journalists and representatives of foreign embassies.

El Salvador


Report on El Salvador’s Presidential Election
March 15, 2009
This election was a testimony of faith by Salvadorans in their system. The result symbolized a triumph by Salvadorans over their fears – fears of a close election or a tainted result, fears that the results of the election might spark a return to civil conflict, and fears that an FMLN victory would cause a rupture with the United States to which El Salvador is closely tied. To read this report, click here

The Funes Inauguration
May 31, 2009 – June 3, 2009

The June 1st inauguration of Mauricio Funes was historic for both El Salvador and the United States. For the first time since the founding of the Salvadoran republic, a left-of-center candidate has been elected president.



Delegation to Chile
May 6-12, 2007

The Women Donors Network delegation traveled to Chile, from May 6-12, 2007, with the Center for Democracy in the Americas to experience the path-breaking leadership of President Michelle Bachelet and to understand the challenges and difficulties she is encountering in fulfilling the goals of her presidency.