Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Cuba approves 498 non-agricultural cooperatives in the last year

EFE — The Cuban government approved 498 non-agricultural cooperatives since the first 124 were created a year ago as a new model of economic enterprise, Cabinet secretary Homero Acosta said. Of the 498 approved, 283 are now in business, chiefly in the sectors of restaurants and related services, Acosta said… read more »

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Cuba says 9,000 restaurants can now be privately owned

Margot Haddad, CNN — Thousands of now-state-run restaurants in Cuba will move into the private sector and be run by citizen owners, the island nation’s government announced Friday. The Cuban Domestic Trade department put the number eateries being privatized at 9,0000 — compared with 1,261 private family-run restaurants already operating…. read more »

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Cuba Responds To Ebola Crisis; Black Market For Convalescent Serum

David Kroll, Forbes – Cuba will be sending 63 doctors and 102 nurses, epidemiologists, specialists in infection control, intensive care specialists and social mobilization officers to set up World Health Organization-funded Ebola clinics in Sierra Leone. The workers will deploy in the beginning of October and stay for six months. At… read more »

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Cuba estimates total damage of U.S. embargo at $116.8 billion

Daniel Trotta, Reuters — U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba have cost the island nation $3.9 billion in foreign trade over the past year, helping to raise the overall estimate of economic damage to $116.8 billion over the past 55 years, Cuba said on Tuesday. The figures were published in a… read more »

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Cuba Relaxes Some Housing Regulations

Cafe Fuerte — The Cuban government has announced a series of measures aimed at restructuring the country’s current housing system and authorizing the building of dwellings on roofs, empty lots and State-owned land by the population. The special issue of Cuba’s Official Gazette published this past Friday made public Council… read more »

Monday, September 8th, 2014

El canciller de México visita La Habana esta semana

EFE — El canciller mexicano, José Antonio Meade, realizará visitas de trabajo a Cuba, Nicaragua y Panamá entre el lunes y el miércoles próximos para impulsar la agenda de la Cumbre Iberoamericana que se desarrollará en Veracruz, en diciembre próximo, informaron hoy fuentes oficiales. Durante estas visitas, Meade también hará… read more »

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

EEUU y Canadá ‘comprenden’ participación de Cuba en cumbre americana

AFP — Los gobiernos de Estados Unidos y de Canadá “comprenden” que Cuba participe de la próxima Cumbre de Las Américas, que se realizará en Panamá en mayo de 2015, debido al “clamor” de la región, aseguró este domingo la canciller panameña Isabel de Saint Malo. “Hemos sostenido conversaciones con… read more »

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Member of Cuba 5 Says He’s Optimistic About Deal

Michael Weissenstein and Anne-Marie Garcia, Associated Press – A Cuban intelligence agent who spent more than 15 years in a United States prison said Thursday that he’s optimistic that softening U.S. attitudes will lead to the liberation of three fellow agents who remain behind bars. Fernando Gonzalez, whom the Cuban government lauds… read more »

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Cuba Cracks Down on Goods in Flyers’ Luggage

Michael Weissenstein, Associated Press – Lugging duffel bags crammed with soap, socks, toys and other hard-to-obtain consumer goods, travelers arriving in Cuba on Monday complained that new government restrictions on their imports would leave their families wanting. Passengers on flights from Miami said they were bringing in far less than usual… read more »

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Swimmer Diana Nyad Receives Sports Medal From Cuba For Historic Swim

Fox News Latino – One year after becoming the first person confirmed to have swum from Havana to Key West, Florida without a shark cage, U.S. endurance swimmer Diana Nyad was back in Cuba to receive that country’s Order of Sporting Merit award.  Read more: