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May 29, 2015

US removes Cuba from list of state sponsors of terror

BBC — The United States has removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The move eliminates a major obstacle toward restoring diplomatic ties. The change allows Cuba to conduct banking in the United States, among other activities. Read more:

May 22, 2015

US, Cuba Close Rounds of Talks With No Embassy Announcement

Bradley Klapper — Associated Press The United States and Cuba still have no agreement on re-establishing embassies. The former foes completed on Friday a third round of negotiations since Presidents Barack Obama and Raul Castro announced in December their intention to improve relations. A Cuban statement says they agreed to continue talks,… read more »

May 21, 2015

Cuba opens a U.S. bank account

Patrick Gillespie — CNN Money Stonegate Bank, a Florida-based bank that opened only a decade ago, will host the Cuban government’s finances. It’s another step forward in renewing U.S.-Cuba ties that will make it easier for Cuba to eventually reestablish an official embassy in the U.S. Cuba closed its embassy… read more »

May 13, 2015

U.S.-Cuba to Resume Embassy Talks

Jim Acosta — CNN Senior officials from the United States and Cuba will resume meetings next week with the goal of finalizing the diplomatic thaw that both sides hope will lead to the re-opening of embassies in each country. The talks, set to take place in Washington, come after President… read more »

May 12, 2015

France’s Hollande meets Fidel and Raul Castro in Havana

BBC News — French President Francois Hollande has met Cuba’s 1959 revolutionary leaders Fidel and Raul Castro on a historic trip to Havana. Mr Hollande also called for an end to the decades-long US trade embargo against Cuba. He said the embargo badly damaged development of the island. Mr Hollande… read more »

May 7, 2015

Charter Flights from Havana to BWI Announced

WUSA staff — You will soon be able to fly from BWI Airport to Cuba come September 30, 2015. Charter flights between Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport and Havana, Cuba are scheduled to begin by the end of September, according to Island Travel & Tours, Ltd. The flights will be… read more »

May 6, 2015

U.S. Approves the First Ferry Services to Cuba in Five Decades

Doreen Hemlock and Arlene Satchel, The Sun Sentinel — For the first time in five decades, the U.S. is allowing ferry service between Florida and Cuba. At least four companies said they were notified Tuesday of approvals by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments, the first since Washington imposed a… read more »

May 6, 2015

JetBlue Announces Weekly Flights From New York to Havana

Victor Luckerson, Time — JetBlue will begin operating a weekly flight from New York to Havana, Cuba this summer following the lifting of several travel and trade restrictions on the country. The new flight will travel between John F. Kennedy International Airport and Havana Jose Marti International Airport each Friday… read more »

May 4, 2015

American Released by Cuba Plays Role as U.S. Relations With Havana Thaw

Randal Archibold, The New York Times — For five years, Alan P. Gross, an American aid worker, sat in a Cuba prison growing so despondent that he openly considered suicide. Now Mr. Gross is contemplating a return visit to Cuba, and helping a new political action committee raise money to… read more »

April 24, 2015

Poll: Most want Cuba off terror list

Jennifer Agiesta, CNN – Only a quarter of Americans say they see Cuba as a serious threat to the United States, and most approve of the Obama administration’s decision to remove Cuba from the government’s list of state sponsors of terror. A new CNN/ORC poll finds 27% describe Cuba as a very… read more »