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April 11, 2014

Cuba protests PriceSmart’s suspension of memberships in Jamaica

Aileen Torres-Bennett, Reuters – Cuba is protesting the decision by PriceSmart Inc, a major U.S.-based bulk-shopping warehouse, to suspend memberships of shoppers from the communist country at its Jamaica subsidiary, Cuban officials said on Friday. PriceSmart took the action this week, citing the decades-old U.S. embargo on Cuba that prohibits economic relations between the two countries, Cuban… read more »

April 10, 2014

Senate Committee orders review of ‘Cuban Twitter’

Jack Gillum, The Associated Press – The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is asking the U.S. Agency for International Development to turn over all records about a Twitter-like program it secretly built in Cuba. As part of its announced review, the committee also wants any messages the government or its contractors transmitted… read more »

April 8, 2014

Alan Gross, U.S. contractor held in Cuba, goes on hunger strike

Karen DeYoung, Washington Post- Alan Gross, the U.S. government contractor who has been imprisoned in Cuba for more than four years, began a hunger strike last week to protest his treatment by both the Cuban and U.S. governments, his lawyer said Tuesday. “I am fasting to object to mistruths, deceptions,… read more »

April 7, 2014

Cuba slashes more than 100,000 health care jobs

Franklin Reyes, The Associated Press – Cuban authorities say they have eliminated more than 100,000 jobs in health care, considered one of the pillars of the 1959 revolution. The cuts come as President Raul Castro tries to streamline government as part of a broader economic reform package. Read more:

April 6, 2014

Cuba says U.S. created other ‘Cuban Twitter’ projects

Marc Frank, Reuters – Cuba said on Sunday the United States continues to use social media to “subvert” the island’s government and that the revelation this week of a U.S.-created, Twitter-like service for Cuba was just one of several examples. The U.S. government has admitted it created a social media network called… read more »

April 4, 2014

‘Cuban Twitter’ heads to hearings in Congress

Desmond Butler, Jack Gillum, Alberto Arce, The Associated Press — The head of the U.S. government agency that secretly created a “Cuban Twitter” communications network designed to undermine the communist government in Cuba is expected to testify next week before a senator who thinks the whole idea was “dumb, dumb,… read more »

March 31, 2014

Cuba’s athletes get pay raises

EFE — Cuba reported on Monday the entry into force of the announced salary hikes for athletes, coaches and specialists in the sector, whose incomes will depend on the results and awards they obtain. Athletes’ income has been structured into six categories, with base pay that varies from around $18… read more »

March 30, 2014

Cuba passes law to lure foreign investment

Francisco Jara, AFP — Cuba’s parliament unanimously approved a new law on foreign investment Saturday aimed at boosting sputtering economic growth on the communist-ruled island. President Raúl Castro, who was scheduled to speak to the assembly, has called the bill “crucial” to the Cuban economy, which has so far failed… read more »

March 24, 2014

Cuba offering substantial pay hikes for health-care workers

Anne-Marie Garcia, AP — Cuba is giving hundreds of thousands of medical workers raises that in some cases exceed 100 per cent, official media on the island announced, though pay remains much lower than what medical professionals earn elsewhere. The Communist Party daily newspaper Granma also reported that Cuba expects… read more »

March 21, 2014 |

CUBA CENTRAL Newsblast: Colonel Campbell, Guantánamo, and righting wrongs

When Army Col. Larry Campbell approached the podium on February 22nd to deliver his remarks to The Black Heritage Organization to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, he did nothing wrong. To the contrary, he spoke truths that deserved the attention of a wider audience. In his address, Col…. read more »