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Cuba Central News Brief: Peace and the Parallel Universe

Blessed are the peacemakers, it says in Matthew 5:9 – and the peacemakers seem to converging in Havana. One week from today, the leaders of Roman Catholicism and the Russian Orthodox Church will meet in Cuba to try and advance the healing process between Eastern and Western Christianity, churches which… read more »


Cuba Central Week In Review: Trade, Travel, and Telecomms

This week, President Obama again used his executive authority to expand travel and trade with Cuba.  The new travel rules have different dimensions to them, but they will surely intensify the cultural connectivity between our two countries.   As press accounts again proved this week, the President’s earlier reforms are… read more »


Cuba Central News Brief: Cuba and the Audacity of Hope, 2016 Edition

Last week, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough offered a teaser about the year ahead: He said, “We’ll do audacious executive actions throughout the course of the year, I am confident of that,” in comments reported by The Hill. We can’t say what those executive actions involve since “McDonough… read more »


Cuba Central News Briefing: Stop and Smell (the Cuban) Coffee (or what would Goethe say?)

As he departed the presidency in 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower summarized the foreign policy accomplishments of his administration. Ending the Korean War and preserving peace in the Middle East were among them.  But, he also noted a few of the world’s continuing dangers, starting with what he called the “Communist penetration of… read more »


Caracas Connect: December 14, 2015 Report

In the weeks leading to the National Assembly elections in Venezuela, there was little doubt that the opposition would make gains, probably win a majority. Few anticipated the overwhelming margin by which the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), founded by the late President Hugo Chávez Friás, lost the… read more »


Cuba Central News Briefing: “Hey, D-17. I’ve Got Mail!”

Fifty-two years ago, as our country recovered from its near death experience in the Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S. government cut off direct mail service to the island.  Although letters could still pass from Miami to Havana, so long as they flowed through third countries, the ban on direct postal… read more »


Cuba Central News Briefing: Heaping Helpings of Cuba News and Gratitude

Dear Friends, As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to give special thanks to you, our loyal readers, and express our gratitude for the cornucopia of progress we have all enjoyed as Cuba and the United States opened a new era of closer ties. We’re grateful for the… read more »


Cuba Central News Briefing: The Doorbell in the Wall

The military has an expression, SNAFU, which stands for “situation normal all fouled up,” except soldiers use a synonym for “fouled up.” Without making light of what is surely a humanitarian crisis, the surge of migration from Cuba has become more urgent and visible in the last days and weeks. … read more »


Cuba Central News Briefing: Is the New Cuba Policy Popular with U.S. Voters? ¡Sin Duda!

Next week, our friends at the Atlantic Council and Engage Cuba will release their “America’s Heartland Survey” of voter opinion in Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana about U.S. policy toward Cuba. While the hard numbers won’t be out until Tuesday, we do know that the poll shows significant support for engagement in… read more »


Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes 12-7 to advance Obama’s choice for envoy to Mexico

The Dallas Morning News– WASHINGTON–The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted minutes ago to advance the nomination of Roberta Jacobson to be the next U.S. ambassador to Mexico. The vote was 12-7 in favor of Jacobson and drew support from Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and all but one of the panel’s Democrats. Also voting in… read more »