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El Salvador Update: March 2014 / Informe mensual El Salvador, marzo 2014

Two weeks of tension and uncertainty followed El Salvador’s shockingly close March 9th presidential runoff election. The ARENA party refused to accept the results, charging systematic fraud and bias on the part of election officials. The party mounted a series of street demonstrations and filed multiple legal appeals before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the Supreme Court, demanding a total recount.


Salvadoran Presidential Election: Official Results Next Week, FMLN Promises an Inclusive Government

El Salvador’s 2014 presidential election will be remembered for setting at least three historic precedents: the election of the first former guerrilla combatants as president and vice-president, the closest results in history, and ARENA’s unparalleled surge of support between the first and second electoral rounds, which nearly returned their party… read more »


No Winner in Salvadoran Runoff Election: Tensions rise with final count scheduled Monday

Just hours after polls closed on Sunday, March 9th, the Electoral Tribunal (TSE) counted over 99% of the votes in El Salvador’s presidential election runoff, but was unable to declare a winner. Of the nearly three million votes cast, the governing FMLN party was ahead of conservative ARENA by about… read more »


El Salvador: Second Round Polling Gives FMLN Huge Lead

With just 16 days until the run-off election for the Salvadoran presidency, the FMLN’s lead continues to increase. In the eight polls conducted since the February 2nd election the margin of victory varies from 10 – 18%. By law, February 21st is the final date for publication of poll results…. read more »


El Salvador’s Presidential Election to the Second Round / Las elecciones presidenciales en El Salvador con miras a una segunda vuelta

n February 2nd, Salvadorans cast ballots in the country’s fifth presidential election since the end of its civil war (1980-1992). The FMLN, the former guerrilla organization, fell just 26,000 votes (or 1.07%) short of obtaining the 50.1% support it needed for a first-round win. ARENA, the conservative party in power from 1989-2009, had a ten point lead in polls when Norman Quijano began his campaign, but the party and its nominee finished ten points behind the FMLN on Election Day.


El Salvador Presidential Election Preview, 2014 / Informe preliminar de las elecciones presidenciales del 2014 en El Salvador

El Salvador’s 2014 presidential campaign has been long and expensive. It has been characterized by slick marketing campaigns, popular promises, and a lack of serious ideas, particularly about the critical economic, fiscal, and social issues facing the next administration.


El Salvador Update: November 2013 / Informe mensual noviembre 2013

It is not yet known who was responsible for the November 14th assault on the office of the human rights institution Pro-Búsqueda. But, coming in the context of last month’s shut-down of the Catholic human rights office Tutela Legal, and a much-anticipated Supreme Court ruling that could nullify or repeal the country’s 1993 amnesty law, thereby opening the door to prosecutions of war crimes, there are reasons to be concerned about the human rights climate in El Salvador.


El Salvador Update: October 2013 / Informe mensual octubre 2013

Human Rights: The sudden shutdown of Tutela Legal, El Salvador’s well-respected Catholic human rights office, on orders from the Archbishop of San Salvador, stunned the national and international human rights community. Several weeks later, the motivations for the closing and the future of the archives remain obscure.


News Update: San Salvador Archbishop shuts down historic human rights office, Tutela Legal

Yesterday morning El Faro reported that Tutela Legal is closed. On Monday morning, September 30th, Tutela Legal employees arrived at their office to find the doors locked, armed guards outside. Without any warning, the 12 employees were told one by one to collect their personal belongings and leave. The only… read more »


El Salvador Update: September 2013 / Informe mensual septiembre 2013

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact:
El Salvador is on the verge of becoming the first country to receive a second MCC development grant. The MCC Board approved the proposal on September 12th, but Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) raised objections, charging “inaction” by President Funes on sensitive issues including organized crime and corruption. The ensuing contretemps between the President and the Senator could delay or even derail the process.