Around the region

Around the Region


Around the Region

Our Around the Region program focuses on political and democratic changes in the region, and how they affect – or should affect –U.S. policy toward the Hemisphere.

We examine developments in governance, constitutional reform, the role of women in leadership, and efforts by popular movements to change the political and economic arrangements in their nations through democratic processes.

We have reported on constitutional reform in Ecuador and Venezuela and the election of Mauricio Funes of the FMLN in El Salvador. We also produce a monthly El Salvador update with the most important developments in that country, including a monthly chronology of the ongoing gang truce and peace process.

We have also reported on the coup in Honduras, and provided extensive commentary and analysis of the Obama administration’s policy toward Latin America.

In coalition with thought leaders, policy experts, and allied organizations, CDA works to change how U.S. foreign policy engages with the Americas, by listening to and learning from the nations of the region.

Latin America is striking an independent direction: the region welcomes international interests, it no longer accepts the U.S. as a patron (but welcomes the U.S. as a partner), and our nation can no longer afford to careen from inattention to intervention.  U.S. policy has to take a new and consistent course that reflects these new realities.