Message from the Director

We at the Center for Democracy in the Americas believe that the moment to reform and renew U.S. policy toward the Americas has come.

In our work­ in Cuba, Venezuela, El Salvador and the region more broadly, ­ we try to awaken policymakers to these simple facts: We share a common border and a range of common interests with the people of the Americas. Their challenges affect the security and well-being of us all, and require a U.S. foreign policy that is respectful, creative, and grounded in our greatest values.

For years, U.S. policy toward this region has consisted of little more than demonizing leaders it cannot depose, railing against developments it cannot control, and pursuing policies designed in Washington that are increasingly irrelevant for our neighbors throughout the hemisphere.

As a result, the people of the Americas are blazing a strikingly separate path, one that properly reflects their sovereignty, but that also leaves us estranged from the people of our own region and the problems that face us all.

It’s time for a new course that reconciles our mutual interests.

This is what CDA is working to achieve. We believe that there is an increasing demand for new approaches and a rising receptivity among policymakers to look at the region with fresh eyes. That is what our work is all about.

Sarah Stephens
Executive Director
The Center for Democracy in the Americas