Employment & Internship Opportunities


There are currently no job postings at CDA.


The Spring Internship position is currently filled. Please check back in the spring for information on how to apply to our Summer 2015 Internship.

The Stephen M. Rivers Memorial Fellowship

The Center for Democracy in the Americas created a Fellowship for each academic year to honor the memory of Stephen Rivers, a remarkable friend, a renowned publicist for Hollywood celebrities, a political activist, and someone who devoted much of his professional life to building cultural bridges between the U.S. and Cuba.

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Become a volunteer

The Center for Democracy in the Americas is a small organization with a big place in its heart for volunteers.

We welcome your ideas.

If you can’t spend your time, share your ideas. Here at CDA, we’re trying to reform U.S. policy toward the nations of the Americas. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about the region from the people who are doing the work, doing the research, and doing the thinking that can help modernize our country’s approach to the people, the nations, and the movements of the region.

To the thinkers and the doers, we welcome volunteers at CDA.

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