About CDA

CDA is staffed and supported by people who love Latin America, who have lived and studied in the region, and who want our country to be a good neighbor – one that respects and listens to the nations of the Hemisphere.

Our Cuba program builds support for a new approach to U.S.-Cuba policy. We’ve led more than 30 trips to the island and taken close to eighty Members of the House and Senate and their professional staffs on fact-finding visits. We conduct research on the often perverse impacts of the U.S. embargo on Cuba, and we offer strategies and solutions whose goal is ending the embargo and normalizing relations with the people of Cuba.

Our Venezuela program encourages respectful dialogue between the U.S. and Venezuelan governments, informs policy makers about how Venezuelans view the arc of their country’s political, social, economic, and foreign policy project, and assesses its implications for U.S. policy. CDA has monitored every election in Venezuela since 2006, and we have established great relationships with a broad cross-section of Venezuelan civil society.

CDA’s Around the Region program focuses on political and democratic changes in the region. We report on developments ranging from the presidency of Mauricio Funes in El Salvador and the challenges to progressive governance, to the coup in Honduras and its impact on the human and political rights of the people of Honduras and the broader climate for democracy in the region.

CDA has built great relationships in the region and among U.S. decision makers across parties and ideologies. We take special care to amplify the voices of the people we meet, interview, and work with in the region. Our broad networks, frequent visits, and careful research help us command the respect and the attention of the press and policy makers.